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FIA Championships

Top Fuel Dragster Pro Modified Pro Stock Top Methanol Funny Car Top Methanol Dragster
2009 Andy Carter Mats Eriksson Jimmy Ålund Ulf Leanders Timo Habermann
2008 Andy Carter Mikael Lindahl Jimmy Ålund Ulf Leanders Peter Schofer
2007 Urs Erbacher Michael Gullqvist Jimmy Ålund Fredrik Fagerstrom Dave Wilson
2006 Håkan Nilsson Urban Johansson Jimmy Ålund Ulf Leanders Dave Wilson
2005 Lex Joon Patrik Wikström* Jimmy Ålund Urs Erbacher Dave Wilson
2004 Andy Carter - Jimmy Ålund Urs Erbacher Dave Wilson
2003 Smax Smith - Michael Malmgren Urs Erbacher Dave Wilson
2002 Kim Reymond - Michael Malmgren Mikael Kågered Peter Schoefer
2001 Andy Carter - Niclas Andersson Leif Andreasson Robert Turner
2000 Anita Mäkelä - Niclas Andersson Leif Andreasson Eero Kilpelainen
1999 Gordie Bonin - Niclas Andersson Mikael Kågered Jarmo Roivas
1998 Barry Sheavillis - Niclas Andersson Leif Andreasson Peter Beck
1997 Rico Anther - Tomi Laine Peter Beck**
1996 Jens Nybo - Tomi Laine Anita Mäkelä**

* NDRS Pro Mod Championship. ** TMD and TMFC were combined as Top Alcohol

UEM Championships

Super Twin Bike Top Fuel Bike * Pro Stock Bike
2009 Per Bengtsson Ian King Ulf Ögge
2008 Svein Olav Rolfstad Ian King Fredrik Fredlund
2007 Lorenz Stauble Ian King Tom Tinndahn
2006 Ronny Aasen Rikard Gustavsson Anders Abrahamsson
2005 Ronny Aasen Ian King Roger Pettersson
2004 Ton Pels Roel Koedam Roger Pettersson
2003 Per Bengtsson Roel Koedam Roger Pettersson
2002 Anders Karling Sverrre Dahl Öivind von Essen
2001 Anders Karling Ian King Roger Pettersson
2000 Stefan Junerud Öivind Dahl Roger Pettersson
1999 Per Bengtsson Roel Koedam Roger Pettersson
1998 Gerhard Willemse Eric Teboul Roger Pettersson
1997 Werner Sohn Roel Koedam Roger Pettersson
1996 Ton Pels Peter Svensson Roger Pettersson
1995 Anders Karling Peter Svensson Stefan Mejerwall
1994 Anders Karling Peter Bosset Dave Beck
1993 - Henk Geeve Veli Malin

Prior to 2003, Top Fuel Bike was known as Competition Bike.